My Coaching Philosophy

The missing piece of your health is not necessarily a new prescription.

It is a strong sense of purpose, a set of tools for managing stress, and a somatic awareness that has been lost over the ages.

So many modern ailments are stress-related. Most frustrations are not specific diseases that can be cured. They are paradoxes of modern life to be managed. In order to manage them well, you need to embrace complexity and systems science.

You can work with your body or mindset in isolation, but to really keep you on track and flourishing, you need to consider how your relationships, environment, personal history, and beliefs affect your daily habits.

Why My Approach to Health & Wellness is Different

Health and wellness are more than just food and exercise. They are your identity, mindset, and unconscious assumptions. Changing one part of your life can impact everything.

When you see your entire “self-system”, you can regain the power to choose what you want rather than repeating what you don’t.

Even if you listen to that inner voice of guidance, you still have to overcome the many old patterns and resistance built up over the years.

True transformation is built on the integration of your head, heart, and hands – your mental, emotional, and physical capacities.

The longest journey a man will ever take is the 12 inches from his head to his heart. I believe you have the wisdom you need inside of you. You just need help discovering it and integrating it.

Unfortunately, this type of deep change rarely happens when you’re reading a book by yourself. You need others to turn your knowledge into wisdom and ideas into action.

Unfortunately, our society makes many men think that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

“If I just push a little harder, I can figure it out on my own,” is one of the biggest pitfalls preventing men from reaching their full potential.

Don’t beat yourself up just because you can’t figure it out on your own. More importantly, don’t feel ashamed of past mistakes. Learn and grow from them.

If I didn’t have lots of external support during my battle with anorexia, I probably wouldn’t be here sharing my story.

I needed people who recognized my potential and held me accountable along the way.

This is what I can offer you alongside a holistic, integrative, and comprehensive approach to wellness.

Working together we can integrate all the mental, emotional and physical parts of your life to help you find the health and happiness you’re looking for.

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