Contemplative mindfulness practices for expanding your awareness.

About The Practice

Maybe you have tried to meditate, but haven’t experienced what you thought you “should?”

Maybe you’ve heard meditation is useful, but have never managed to prioritize it at all and actually start. 

Here is your chance to begin learning and practicing a progressive and practical meditation practice.

Understanding Self-awarenessBodily AwarenessAwareness of the BreathAwareness of Thought PatternsComplexity & InterdependenceAwareness of Ego Self/Higher SelfIntersubjective/Relational Awakening


We all search for meaning and inspiration in our lives and a meditative practice can satisfy that longing. This isn’t about favoring a particular form of awakening.  I don’t proselytize a particular paradigm. Ultimately, I care about helping you wake up.  This means uncovering a personal spiritual practice that aligns with your background, values, and lifestyle.

Working together, I will introduce the concept of mindfulness and a variety of meditations and contemplative practices for expanding your awareness. These practices will first teach you to find stability and focus in your busy life. Once you’ve developed the mental ability to remain present, we will progress to opening possibilities for greater self-awareness and aliveness in all your activities.

Meditation can bring old habits and patterns into awareness but doesn’t necessarily outline a way to transform and integrate these insights into a new stable expression-a new you!

For this reason, I combine meditative practices with psychological transformative coaching to help you actually outgrow old ways of living.

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