A 31-Day Meditation Journey


Just as you can train and strengthen your body, you can train and strengthen your mind.

In fitness, this training is about moving your body against resistance. In meditation, you’re working against the inertia of your habits and thoughts. It’s easier to continue repeating the same patterns than to establish a new behavior, so we end up following the path of least resistance.

The beautiful part of meditation is that it can disrupt that process and help us shift from living habitually to living intentionally.

Each of you are here for different reasons, and everyone is on their own journey and at different starting places.

What you will get out of these practices will vary tremendously, based on what your goals and intentions are.

For some it might be to improve your concentration and ability to focus, for others it might be to learn to relax and to listen to what’s going on in your body and your heart and take better care of yourself.

It might even be to connect with a deeper purpose in life.


Each meditation provides a different intention.

The practices are short (under 10 minutes), so that you can easily insert them into your schedule and integrate them as you go throughout your day.

Introduction & Overview
Day 1 – Finding the Breath
Day 2 – Breathing the Energetic Loop
Day 3 – Breathing Body Intelligence
Day 4 – Breathing Simple Beauty
Day 5 – Savor the Breath
Day 6 – Breathing Heart Intelligence
Day 7 – Breathe and Expand
Day 8 – Ocean Breathing
Day 9 – Contact
Day 10 – Coming Back Home
Day 11 – Train to Remain
Day 12 – Labeling
Day 13 – Subtleties of the Mind
Day 14 – Persistence
Day 15 – Slowing Down
Day 16 – Let It Be…For Now
Day 17 – Feel & Release
Day 18 – Overcoming Lethargy
Day 19 – Restlessness
Day 20 – Cultivate Curiosity
Day 21 – Embracing Change
Day 22 – Working with Doubt
Day 23 – Gratitude & Kindness
Day 24 – Cultivating Joy
Day 25 – Growing the Good
Day 26 – Compassion
Day 27 – Self-Compassion
Day 28 – Truth & Acceptance
Day 29 – Choosing to Forgive
Day 30 – Align w/Your Values
Day 31 – Action