(Man)ual Upgrade

Men’s Life Coaching Program

Achieve greater health, mindfulness, and fulfillment in your life and career

Sustainable peak performance depends on upgrading your health and wellness.

You’re here because you want to become better.

This is what men’s life coaching is all about — Becoming healthier, stronger, clear-headed, more focused, and more appreciative of your body.

Yet it is hard to know where to start.

But when you have a proven, detailed roadmap to show you the way… the impossible can quickly become your reality!

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If you keep doing things the old way…

Life will never feel exciting, things will always seem out of balance, and the rollercoaster of stress and moods will continue.

You need to take responsibility for evolving yourself.

You need a new approach to care for your body, mind, and healthy living.

no more beating yourself up

Men’s Life Coaching: 4 Pillars. 1 Goal

I’m offering you a way to align yourself internally and externally — to create deep wellbeing that is based upon the truth of who you are — a man ready to step in his full power.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, you will:

Set and achieve new personal health and wellness goals.

Identify and address your limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits.

Practice embodying new mindsets and behaviors.

Achieve more balance, fulfillment, and joy in your lifestyle.

To get these results, you need to address all these pieces of your life together.

You need a meta-framework that can hold the complexity of who you are without forcing you into predetermined “Man Boxes” that limit your potential.

The (Man)ual Upgrade Men’s Life Coaching Program will help you evolve out of the “Man Box” without creating self-sabotaging feedback loops or unwanted side-effects.

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The 4 Pillars of the (Man)ual Upgrade

Waking Up: Cultivate awareness to understand the root cause of what’s not working in your life.

    • Is your diet, sleep, or exercise out of whack?
    • Are you being honest with yourself?
    • Are you willing to feel emotions that seem intolerable?


Cleaning Up: Make peace with the past, address your unmet needs, and let go of emotional baggage.

    • Where have you internalized beliefs that you are not enough?
    • Who and what do you need to forgive?
    • What do you need to release to give you the energy to move forward?


Growing Up: Look forward and build the skills you need to become the person you want to be.

    • How would the person you would like to be, do the things you’d like to do?
    • What mindset would you need to accomplish your goals?
    • What skills do you need to learn to achieve your dreams?


Showing Up: Live in the present moment as an emotionally mature, powerful, purpose-driven man.

    • What is the best possible decision I can make right now?
    • How can I best show myself compassion right now?
    • What is the most respectful thing I can do for myself right now that will serve me both in the present and in the future?

The 1 Goal of the Men’s Life Coaching

man headstandNo, the goal of men’s life coaching is not cool-looking headstands (although we can work on that too.)

The Goal of Men’s Life Coaching Is Freedom

  • Freedom to use your body without thinking twice about whether you can handle it.
  • Freedom to be unshackled by the unrealistic or outdated expectations of others.
  • Freedom to have autonomy and control over your own destiny.
  • Freedom to eat however you like while taking full responsibility for the consequences on your health.
  • Freedom to look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud, strong, and appreciative of who you are.
  • Freedom to express yourself authentically in a body you have grown to appreciate and respect.
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What Do You Get? The Goodies

men pointing at computer

12 Hours of 1:1 Coaching done via Zoom with me.

Complimentary Access to Commit to Sit 31-day online meditation course

Individualized Sessions that fit into your schedule, work with your lifestyle, and solve your biggest needs (not what someone else thinks you need).

Ongoing Email/Text Support to keep you on-track and build your confidence between calls so you can achieve your goals

Practical Help and tips for making wellness part of your life without dogma or bullshit.

Accountability by setting and committing to outcomes. This includes tracking metrics and honoring your word — Building your “follow-through” muscle.

Multiple Modalities of coaching techniques and approaches.

Results-Oriented to assess what worked well, what could be improved, and what could be changed.

How Much Does It Cost?


Just consider the cost of not living the life you want?

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