Guest appearances on a variety of podcasts.

Check out these podcast appearances on topics ranging from from mindfulness to life coaching.

The Josh Bolton Show

An off-the-cuff chat with Josh Bolton about nutrition, exercising, body problems, and the myths in nutrition. We also discuss how growing your own vegetables might be the cure for your health.

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The Art of Vibrancy

A lively discussion with Rob Bee about how psychology plays a big role in becoming a better version of yourself and improving your health and overall well being. I share how you can turn the tables and overcome the challenge of trusting your own body after a history of failures.

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The iHealth Channel

A conversation with Hurricane H about an integrative approach to healthy living and finding balance in wellness.

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Growing at Work

Here is an hour-long podcast where you’ll learn about my life in Asia, the childhood trauma that sparked my search for health and healing, and how anyone can get started experimenting with their own mindfulness practice.

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Life Coach Path

Life Coach Path is written by coaches, for coaches, about coaching! Listen to the podcast episode where Jeff discusses tips for becoming a coach and doing the real-world work of personal transformation.

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A State of Emerge-nc‪e‬

An intimate conversation with Tracy Onicea Turner, PhD, CHLC about empowering people to eat, exercise, and take care of themselves — because if you don’t care for your body, no one else will do it for you…

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Business Talk Radio

An 8-min interview about what brought me to work in the wellness world, what it takes to be a life coach, and why practice doesn’t always lead to perfection.

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