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How You Can Benefit From Corporate Wellness

Want to create a supportive workplace environment where everyone can flourish?

Are you looking to offer your employees a time to decompress and refocus?

Would you like to provide benefits that people enjoy and actually improve health and happiness?

Corporate wellness offerings help combat stress and create a cascade of positive experiences during the workday. A wellness offering built on mindfulness and movement gives people the time to slow down, notice what they’re doing, and re-enter their workday with greater focus and intention.

Studies have shown these factors contribute to feeling more inspired and engaged at work — which is important for productivity and help prevent burnout from work stress.

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Our Unique Approach to Corporate Wellness

Most corporate wellness programs claim to improve employee health or lower health care costs. Yet, clearly, many programs fall short.

Offering a free lunch-and-learn on nutrition won’t change people’s eating habits. Providing a subsidized gym membership won’t make people exercise more. And giving people fitness trackers won’t drastically change their health.

People need simple strategies and tools they can implement immediately. Moreover, they need a workplace culture that shows how the organization values their health and wellbeing. To get people engaged, you must:

· Make it easy. Programs offered onsite increase participation.
· Make it convenient. Offer programs at breaks, lunch, or online.
· Make the choices clear. How to participate should be easy to understand.
· Make the benefits obvious. Highlight relevant program benefits in marketing.
· Make it part of the culture. Integrate and embed these practices into meetings and executive practices.

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Our Corporate Wellness Programs

Our programs focus on the power of mindfulness, movement, and education to develop employee’s resilience and mindset. We don’t offer poorly designed programs that have lackluster engagement or fade into oblivion.

Instead, we coach people on how to create positive change for themselves—from the inside-out. This is how our holistic and impact driven approach sets us apart. 

Sample Workplace Wellness Topics
  •     Learn How to Meditate
  •     How to be Mindful at Work
  •     Functional Stretching in the Office
  •     Yoga & Pilates—Anywhere!
  •     Breathing For Better Focus
  •     Eating Well at Work
  •     Work-Life Balance That Actually Works
  •     Finding Quiet & Calm While Stressed

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Customizable Workplace Wellness Strategies

Working together, we will help you build an in-house, tailored corporate wellness program that meets your employees where they are at—in the office, trying to balance work with everything else going on in their lives. 

Let’s talk to discuss which corporate wellness programs are right for you.

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