7 Day Meditation Course

Guided meditations are great to help you release and refocus. The benefits to your peace of mind are immense.

There’s a reason so many people sing the praises of mindfulness and meditation. It has the power to improve nearly every aspect of your life.

However, practicing regularly is hard. Most guided meditations rarely teach you the skills you need to do it on your own.

This meditation course is different.

I will show you step-by-step how to concentrate your mind and develop the skills you need to meditate on your own.

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This 7 Day Meditation Course Will Teach You How To:

• Find an anchor from the chaos of day-to-day life

• Experience the energizing effects of the breath

• Enjoy extraordinary openness and calm

• Learn how to focus your attention

• Let go of tension, worry, and stress

• Trust your body and the peacefulness of your inner world

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Here is your chance to begin learning and practicing a simple and effective meditation technique that fits into your busy life.

Maybe you have tried to meditate, but haven’t experienced what you thought you “should?”

Maybe you’ve done some mindfulness practices, but never found a sustainable way to integrate into your day.

Maybe you’ve heard meditation is useful, but have never managed to prioritize it at all and actually start. 

Get Your Guided Meditations Now

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We all search for meaning and inspiration in our lives and a meditation practice can satisfy that longing.

I combine the best of all meditative practices to help you take back your power and sanity.

Ultimately, I care about helping you wake up.  This means uncovering a personal spiritual practice that aligns with your background, values, and lifestyle.

I will introduce the concept of mindfulness and a variety of meditations for expanding your awareness.

Once you’ve developed the mental ability to remain present, you will progress to opening possibilities for greater self-awareness and aliveness in all your activities.

Reclaiming your clarity and calm is only a matter of having the right practices, questions, and commitment.

Here’s exactly where to start your meditation course

Get Your Guided Meditations Now

Your Teacher — Jeff Siegel

Hi I’m Jeff,

I started meditating over a decade ago to deal with anxiety and depression. I needed practices I could use to manage my stress and care for my body.

Meditation opened a door for self-care, resilience, and clarity that I never knew existed.

I’ve dedicated most of professional life to learning about the connection of mind and body.

I’ve studied Eastern contemplative practices as well as the neuroscience of attention, the psychology of behavior change, and mind and brain education at Harvard University.

I’m a certified health and wellness junkie with a passion for personal growth. I care about helping you fulfill your potential by coming back into your body learning to inhabit your life with strength and love.

I’ve worked with students, professionals, and parents to craft a personal meditation practice that meets the demands of a busy life.

I know how hard it can be to get started, so let me guide you back to your awareness and trust in the moment, practically and pragmatically, with no bullshit added.

I look forward to starting this meditation course with you!