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dog tired of being fat
“This dog is tired of being fat” – A Photo by Isaac Davis on Unsplash

If you’re tired of being fat and unhappy about your body, I understand the struggle.

• It’s not easy to live in a world that assumes fat people are lazy, gluttonous, and less-than.

• It’s not easy to navigate spaces designed for thin people or bodies of particular sizes.

• It’s not easy to figure out how to eat when there are new diets and conflicting nutritional advice coming out every day.

• It’s not easy to walk into a gym and feel comfortable when everyone around seems so confident, capable, and fit.


tired of being fat
Photo by Priscilla du Preez on Unsplash

If you’ve ever felt dissatisfied with your body, you’re not alone.

If you’re tired of being fat there’s more at stake than extra adipose tissue. There is your self-confidence, energy, and poise. It’s about being happy in your body.

• I want to help you regain that sense of confidence and trust in your body.

• I want to help you take care of the body you have today without worrying about what it used to look like or what society says is attractive.

• Perhaps most importantly, I want to help you learn to practice self-love rather than self-loathing.

This is about regaining health and happiness on your own terms.

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Why wait any longer to be happy about your body?

The possibility for a better version of you exists right now. You just need the rights tools, resources, and perspectives to bring it to life.

Here is exactly how to start building a body that works for you rather than against you.

Download “9 Weight Loss Mistakes & The Radical Ways You Can Overcome Them” and learn how you can make today the last day you feel tired of being fat. 

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~Jeff Siegel


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