Ways you can learn, change, and grow.


Working with a coach can help you uncover roadblocks and aspects of your life that really want your presence and attention. Having identified those seeds of transform, we will help you let go of self-judgments and beliefs that are holding you in place. You will learn to make decisions from an empowering place. Finally, you will set up a system of accountability to keep making steady progress towards your goals. Together, these practices will help you act and live from your deepest truth.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness offerings help combat stress and create a cascade of positive experiences during the workday. Wellness offering built on mindfulness and movement gives people the time to slow down, notice what they’re doing, and reenter their workday with greater focus and intention.

Working together, we will help you build an in-house, tailored wellness program that meets your employees where they are at—in the office, trying to balance work with everything else going on in their lives. 

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Classes & Workshops

We cover everything from mindfulness and meditation, to how to eat, move, and be healthy in a distracting and sedentary world.

Our classes are designed for small groups between 10-30 people. They are perfect for an office, team, or group looking to develop new skills and improve together. We can work together with you to build the perfect class for your needs.

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