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A 5 Month Mastermind Coaching Community Built To Help You Focus

Imagine the next 5 months of your life. What do you see?

Now imagine the same thing but with expert coaching and ongoing accountability.

How does that feel?

We all know making forward progress feels good. Yet in our highly distractable world, deep focus is hard to come by. We need to build our skills to stay on task and dig into what really matters.

This is precisely why we created the MasterMind Coaching Community

To teach you the skills of focus and to hold you accountable for actually showing up and doing the work of your dreams.

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The Three Vicious Loops

In the quest for better focus and continuous growth, we’ve identified three vicious loops that get in the way.

3 vicious loops v.1

1) Mindlessness and Distractibility

We live in a world that’s always fighting for your attention:

You wake up with an inbox stuffed with new emails, and even as you fire off a few responses, more messages are piling up.

You keep pushing important and exciting projects down your to-do list to attend to fires that keep popping up.

You get to the end of your meal and wondered what it actually tasted like because you were too busy multitasking.

Does this sound familiar?

Modern life is designed to be reactive and distractive. Technology, work environments, and the rhythm of our day all put us in a position where urgent wins over important. 

Unless we’re training our capacity to pay attention on purpose, we’ll continue to get stuck and stay stuck in this autopilot loop.

2) Self-Sabotage

Tomorrow. Next week. Next year. Before I’m 50. After I retire. 

Putting things off until you have more time, more money, or a more supportive boss, colleague, or partner is often a losing proposition. 

In an effort to avoid failure, we never get off the launch pad. What’s worse is that part of us is relieved that we never had to give our full effort! 

The way to short-circuit this loop is to first fully accept our human nature: we are wired to avoid pain and seek gratification. But we can learn to use our nature to our advantage by making the consequences of our actions concrete before we even start. This enables you to stay on the path of progress.

3) Burnout

All this leads to a sense of scarcity and a constant energy deficit. We don’t have enough time, we don’t get enough sleep, we can’t do the activities that energize us, and we don’t make progress on the meaningful things in our lives.

The longer we’re in this loop, the deeper this mindset gets, and the harder it is to break out. We need to learn how to properly recharge and recover. 

The Virtuous Cycle 

virtuous cycle

When you overcome mindlessness, self-sabotage, and burnout using the program we’ve structured, you jumpstart the virtuous cycle.

This virtuous cycle of awareness, action, support, and reflection is the conveyor belt of personal growth.

We will equip you with the tools you need to focus and follow through on your word.

You will gain increased motivation as a result of taking action.

As you build momentum, the community will be there to support you through the challenges that arise.

What lies ahead is a more focused, productive, and compassionate version of yourself. A version of yourself that doesn’t hesitate to step up to difficult challenges and trusts that you have what it takes to stay the course and finish what you started. 

  • From Vicious Loops to Virtuous Cycle

What is the MasterMind Coaching Community?

It is a small group of committed people who want to grow together and learn how to focus in a world of distractions

A Learning Session. A Coaching Session. Each Month.

The first call of the month will unpack the skills you’re learning and build the foundations for mastery. The second call will help you tailor your skill-building to your own personal goals and connect with your cohort to help them along their journey as well.

Accountability and Support Built-In

In between each session, we’ll stay connected through Telegram. You’ll be able to ask questions, support your cohort, and know that others are invested in your growth throughout the entire five-month journey. 

Small-Group Format

Each cohort of no more than 12 select individuals ensures you get plugged into a community of like-minded and engaged professionals looking to support each other on their personal and professional journeys. 

No MasterMind Left Behind

We have a “No Mastermind Left Behind” policy, so if you start flaking out, we’ll find you and nurture you back. We will create the content, supports, and structure. All you need to do is show up, truly listen to each other, and elevate the conversation.

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Monthly Lessons

Each month, Pete and I will deliver expertly crafted content on our first monthly call. The following topics include everything from attention control, to recovery, to self-compassion and forgiveness.

These topics are meant to be broad enough to apply to whatever challenges life throws your way and specifically chosen to help you master your mindset and get the most out of your days.

2021 Key Dates & Lesson Topics

March 8* & 22

April 12 & 24

May 10 & 24

June 7 & 22

July 12 & 26


*2hr kick-off call.  All other calls are 5-6pm EST.

Our Invitation To You

In order to fully engage in meaningful conversations, you must agree to push your thinking and be open to sharing your ideas in a productive way.

You must be 100% all-in.

To ensure trust, you must practice reliability, integrity, and confidentiality. We demand the best of you. Not to be difficult, but to draw forth the best of what you already have inside.

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Meet Your Coaches

Jeff Siegel

Jeff Siegel, M.Ed. is a health coach, Harvard meditation teacher, and author. Jeff helps people cultivate habits that strengthen their body, uplift their soul, and focus their mind so they can go out and share their gifts with the world. Learn more about workshops, keynotes, and private 1-1 coaching.


Pete Kadushin

Pete Kadushin, Ph.D. is a Mental Performance Coach and educator. Pete brings with him a passion for helping people grow and over a decade of performance psychology and mental training experience.  His work with athletes, coaches, tactical populations, and businesses helps people perform closer to their physical and mental best more consistently. You can learn more about Pete on his website

Why Have We Created The MasterMind Coaching Community?

Our passion is helping people like you grow up and show up at your best.

We are personal development junkies with a big heart and a lot to share.

We want to be of service to the world, and that begins right here with this community.

Why This Work Matters To Us

This Is Not For You…

If you like to sit on the sidelines.

Want to do some of the work by not really show up.

Don’t care about being in a growth-promoting community

Believe you can overcome distractibility, procrastination, and self-sabotage on your own.

Believe burnout is fake.

Are fine with letting 2021 pass by without much changing

Why Not Now?

You have a choice.

Sit at home on your own and try to make the magic happen.

Join us and get the support and accountability you need to ensure you’re making today better than yesterday.

Ambivalence is natural. We understand what it’s like being on the fence.

To help you sort things out, schedule a call with us to discuss whether this program is a good fit for you. We want to hear where you’re at and ultimately help you make the best decision for yourself.

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