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Don’t Let Your Life Pass By — Be Present In Each Moment

So much of life passes us by without us even noticing. Technology pulls us in a million directions. Our lives are busier and more complicated than ever. The challenge of remaining present in our hyper-distracted world is only growing harder.

One day you realize you’ve been drifting on autopilot. Something is amiss. It’s time to wake-up and start living proactively rather than reactively.

  • If you feel like your attention is scattered and you’re not tuned into your deeper self, our mindfulness meditation classes can help with that.
  • If you feel like your health and eating have deteriorated, our nutrition classes can help with that.
  • If you feel like you’re on the edge of burnout or failing to be productive, our life design class can help with that. 

Read more to find out about all our classes and workshops. We cover everything from mindfulness and meditation, to how to eat, move, and be healthy in a distracting and sedentary world.

Our classes are desigend for small groups between 10-30 people. They are perfect for an office, team, or group looking to develop new skills and improve together. We can work together with you to build the perfect class for your needs, so get in touch to learn more. 


Imagine the Next 5 Months of Your Life. What Do You See?

What sort of projects will you finish?

What new skills will you learn?

What items from that giant backlog will actually get done?

Here’s the rub, left to our own devices, we’re unlikely to change much about our daily lifestyle. Even if we’re super interested and motivated to improve ourselves, without structure and accountability, not much will change. Whatever you manage to do will likely be slow and haphazard.

This is precisely why we created the Master(Mind)^2 Community

To ensure that we all get better together and hold each other accountable for actually putting in the work.

What is the Master(Mind)^2 Community?

It is a small group of committed people who want to learn and grow together.

Each cohort of no more than 16 people will meet virtually twice a month for 5 months.

The idea is simple: participate fully in group calls and support each other for 5 months to ensure there is continuity among members and follow-through from everyone.

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Techniques like mindfulness, breathing exercises, and meditation can produce dramatic shifts in you body and mind in a relatively short time. The benefits of learning how to do these practices on your own can serve you for a lifetime.

Our mindfulness and meditation classes are taught in 4 to 8-week formats. In weekly 60-minute sessions, we introduce different meditation techniques and practices. There is time for questions, discussion, and unpacking the essentials of living mindfully in the modern world.

Our eclectic approach adopts the best from Buddhist meditation, mindfulness awareness practices, Vipassanā, transformational breathwork, Koru Mindfulness, and somatics to give you lots of different techniques to try and figure out what works for you; at the same time, providing sufficient depth to uncover deeper insights and leave you soul refreshed.

What You Can Expect to Learn in a Mindfulness Meditation Class:

  •     How to engage innate capacities of your mind to strengthen and enhance your focus.
  •     How to find that still, quiet place inside that grounds your mind and energy.
  •     How to create space for new ideas and creative solutions by becoming more comfortable with uncertainty and adversity.
  •     How to integrate mindful awareness practices into your day.
  •     How meditation can help you meet and greet life challenges with skillful awareness.
  •     Ways to recognize unproductive patterns, both within yourself and in your interactions, and learn how to respond more effectively.
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Eating well can be challenging. Making wholesome food choices is tough when there are a million options. Learn how to read nutrition labels, shop for healthy foods, and make balanced selections at a restaurant.

Our food and nutrition workshops typically run for 2-3hrs and teach you how to eat mindfully on the go or at home. We will demystify confusing nutrition claims, discuss the social and environmental factors that actually control what you eat, and offer a chance to figure out what kind of eating plan works best for you.

Ultimately, we want to help you move beyond dietary dogma and ridgid eating plans and rediscover a joyful relationship with food. 

What You Can Expect to Learn in a Nutrition Workshop:

  •     How to make healthy lifestyle choices throughout the day.
  •     How to create balance when the world pushes you to the extreme. 
  •     How your circadian rhythms impact your digestion and metabolism.
  •     What nutrition labels tell you and what they don’t.
  •     Why calories do and do not matter.
  •     How to friends and family impact your food choices. 
  •     How mindfulness meditation can enhance your eating.
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Do you find yourself lacking a long-term vision about your work and where you’re headed in life?

Do you find yourself mindlessly wasting time online or procrastinating when you know there’s more important things you could be doing?

It’s time to take the reigns of your life and rediscover meaning and fulfillment in your work or daily activities.

We are all overburdened by emails, endless stimulation, and the always-plugged-in mindset that drains our battery. It’s like we are always on call, but we are never doing our best work.

In this workshop, we will create a space to uncover what really matters most in your life, why you’re not acting on it, and what you can do to reignite your passion.

What You Can Expect to Learn in a Life Design Workshop:

  •     Breathing techniques for creating clarity, calm, and focus.
  •     Concrete ideas for hacking your environment for better performance.
  •     Empowering group practices to multiply momentum by sharing and learning from others.
  •     Skills for shifting your perspective so you can stop “spinning your wheels” and start creating the life you want.
  •    Hands-on support in upgrading your standards and expectations of what you can achieve. 
  •  Mindfulness meditation practices to get you back into your body and source of personal strength.
  •  The principles of flow science to help you craft routine that allows you to stay energized and productive throughout your day.
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Explore mindfulness meditation with Jeff Siegel. Learn to focus your mind, observe your thoughts and emotions, and enhance your wellbeing by being present.