Why I Stopped Saying “Have a nice day”

Occasionally a nice day falls into your lap. The sun is out. The birds are chirping. Something nice happens unexpectedly. You go about your day feeling good about who you are and what you’re doing. 

But more often than not, our days aren’t so straightforward. Annoying stuff happens. We get caught-up in our own bullshit, yet we talk about nice days as if they’re something outside our front door to pick-up when we leave.

“Honey, can you grab me a few nice days at the store when you’re out.”

“Sorry babe, doesn’t happen that way.”  

Nice days aren’t just something you have. They are something you create.

To say “Have a nice day” is too passive. Where is the agency? Where is the intention?

More importantly, where is the responsibility?

If your day is miserable and you’re moping about, do something about it. Don’t just sit back and say, “Well I was waiting for my nice day to come, but it never showed up. I guess I’ll have to endure it.”

Screw that.

Yeah, you might be going through some tough experiences. But rejecting or resisting what is going on for you right now doesn’t get you anywhere. It wastes energy and makes you bitter.   

If you can make the subtle shift from having a nice day to creating a nice day, you can reclaim your power as a creative individual. You’ve accepted that life doesn’t simply happen to you. It happens through you. You have the power to take what has been given to you and do something with it. 

So from now on, I will stop wishing people to have a nice day, because ultimately, too many days have been wasted from sitting back and passively resigning to take whatever comes our way. (If you find that a hard pill to swallow, try filling out this calendar: Your Life in Weeks)

I will now start wishing people to go “Create a nice day”– Create a nice, magical, joyful, kind, loving, connected day!

Do this for your own sake and for the sake of others. After all, the day you’re creating is impacting others. Be aware that each step, each smile, each scornful or loving thought has ramifications for everyone you encounter. Your creations are all interconnected. So take responsibility for what you choose to create and do your best to create something beautiful.

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